Perform better – in a peaceful space

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Control your room acoustics
-> Feel and Perform better!

Through acoustical solutions, by mitigation of echo,
Desiderata Oy provides sound improvement to interiors
such as homes, offices and public spaces.


A typical situation, a relatively loud environment:

At a restaurant, and can barely hear what your friend(s) at your table say? As every table has the same situation, everybody raises their voice. Because the background noise, strengthened by echo, sets the minimum level of hearing – the level of your discussion.

What if some of the noise and echo would be removed? You would be pleased to in comfort hold a normal conversation, and remain fresh in ears – and mind.

Let the solution be in consonance with your interior design,
hide it in your furniture or make it a Colorful piece of Art.

2016-07-03 17.53.19

Sound-absorbing painting

The sound-solution will give you an improved acoustic experience,
a better atmosphere for Work and Study, (seen in performance, amount and accuracy)
thus more peace of mind. In short, adding Quality to life.
Counter noise by objects on walls and ceiling? Disguised as art, or providing lighting?

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Diffusing solutions

Absorbing solutions

Little School of Acoustics

Your Ears – Your Mind






Definition of Interior :

adjectivebeing within; inside of anything; internal; of or relating to that which is within; inside, inner; pertaining to the mind or soul; mental or spiritual:

nounthe internal or inner part; inside, inside part of a building, a single room or apartment, the inner or inward nature or character of anything

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Bank : (IBAN) FI74 5000 0120 3631 88,
Paypal : to ‘MRMARTIN1’

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